(Review) The Wisdom of God: Letting His Truth and the Goodness Direct Your Steps by A.W. Tozer, Compiled and Edited by James L. Snyder


Publisher and Publication Date: Bethany House. July 4, 2017.
Genre: Nonfiction, wisdom, Christian living.
Pages: 192.
Source: Complimentary paperback copy from Bethany House. I was not required to leave a positive review.
Rating: Good.

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A.W. Tozer—Aiden William Tozer. 1897-1963.
The Wisdom of God is compiled from Tozer’s sermons on the subject of wisdom. This is the first time in print for Tozer’s topic of wisdom.
The book begins by teaching what the Hebrew’s understanding of wisdom was in the Old Testament books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. In addition, a portion about wisdom is included from The Wisdom of Solomon, one of the books of the Apocrypha.
In chapter two, the focus shifts away from the OT aspect of defining God’s wisdom to, “the truth that Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God, the incarnate Word.”
Examples of further chapters: “Christianity Flows Out of God’s Wisdom,” “The True Essence of Divine Wisdom,” “The Benefits of Eternal Wisdom,” “Moral Wisdom vs. Divine Wisdom,” and “God’s Wisdom Is Absolute and Unqualified (Not Limited).”
Rev. James L. Snyder has been given permission by the estate of A.W. Tozer to write new books from the archive of Tozer’s sermons via audiotapes.

My Thoughts:
I’ve read a few of Tozer’s books before The Wisdom of God. These books are Tozer On The Almighty God, The Knowledge of the Holy, Tozer: Mystery of the Holy Spirit, and The Pursuit of God.
One of the reasons I enjoy reading Tozer is he uses language that packs a punch. He has a way with illustrations that are vivid and speak loudly his message.

A Christian is not one who has a ticket to heaven as one might have a ticket to a ball game. A Christian is one who has sought to become a new person. He has found himself out and has learned what a scoundrel he is by the illumination of the Holy Spirit. Page 139.

We put a price tag on everything from a human stand point, which is how our world works. We cannot, however, bring that over into our relationship with God. Our relationship with God must be based upon God’s ways and not our ways. Page 68.

Some Christians have not read a decent book in the last twenty years. They have grown physically, but spiritually they are still in the hospital ward. Page 55.

I love how the book began by defining wisdom, but my favorite part of the book is when Tozer explains repentance.
Hasn’t it become rare to hear the word repent? When I was a child growing up my pastor often spoke of sin, repentance, forgiveness, and God’s grace.

Repentance is to seek to become a new person, to open the heart to the incoming of moral wisdom, to seek to be like that most excellent wisdom. It is to seek to live and have an affinity toward Jesus Christ the Lord. The idea that Christ reaches out to you with a lifeboat and pulls you aboard without changing you or identifying himself with you or you with Christ is a modern heresy that ought to be set aside until the Lord comes, or until men learn better. Page 140.

To be repentant means to come to Christ self-accusing and without defense. Page 142.

A second reason I love reading Tozer is he asks questions that make me think. And, I am compelled to answer them.

How do we recognize the fool? The wisdom books of the Old Testament are full of examples of foolishness, but in Proverbs 12:15, it tells us that “the way of a fool is right in his own eyes,” which is one of the marks of the fool. Page 107.

The Wisdom of God is not one of my favorites of Tozer’s adaptions from sermons. The book did not compare strongly against the other Tozer books I’ve read. The Wisdom of God is missing something. Possibly a stronger and clearer direction for each chapter’s interpretation. The points are not a clear picture of what is being stated. However, this does not take away from Tozer’s message of God’s wisdom.

My favorite quote, from page 180.

Either I do believe in God or I do not. Either I hold God to be wise altogether, or I do not. Either I believe that He is, or I doubt Him. Either I believe that He is the only wise God our Savior, or I do not. Everything lies here: destiny, death, life, heaven, and hell, and the Christian has an answer for the doubter.


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