(Review) The Alice Network by Kate Quinn


Publisher and Publication Date: William Morrow, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. June 6, 2017.
Genre: Historical fiction, World War I, Post World War II, Spy Story.
Pages: 503.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Excellent.


In 1915, Eve Gardiner joins a spy network, based in France, against Germany. World War I began a year prior. The spy network she is apart of is called the Alice Network.
In 1947, Charlie St. Clair is a young college student. She is pregnant and unmarried. Her parents send her to Europe, accompanied by her mother, to take care of the problem.
While in Europe Charlie is hopeful she can find her cousin, Rose, who has been missing since World War II. After arriving in England, Charlie breaks free from the constraints of her mother and meets Eve. She is hoping Eve will help her find Rose. At this point in life, Eve is a troubled woman, and Charlie will need courage to just talk to Eve.

My Thoughts:
I love this story!
Eve and Charlie are strong characters. Both are frayed women with big problems. They are far from being the stereotypical female characters in books. I feel the author gave each woman imperfections in order to make them stand out in memory as women who are imperfect, messy, and real. However, both of the women are courageous, gutsy, and fiery.
In The Alice Network, I saw the affects of war on civilians. There is a small story told by a survivor in a French town. The story is from World War II. Her story is a horrific reminder of what the Nazi’s did to ordinary people who were caught in their murderous grip. I also saw what civilians did to profit from the war. These people took sides in order to make money and earn a temporary power. I also saw the affects of the war on women. For example, women who became spies to help their country or women who were trying to survive during a time of war.
For both Eve and Charlie, they have pasts to process. In a way, they are both pregnant with the possibilities of new life. But their past lives held disappointments and sadness. It is important for them to deal with what happened before moving on in a new life. The process they go through is an adventure for them and the reader.
The Alice Network is a wonderful story. I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover.



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