(Review) She Reads Truth Bible, Christian Standard Bible


Publisher and Publication Date: Holman/B&H Publishing Group. April 2017.
Authors: CSB Bibles by Holman,‎ Raechel Myers,‎ Amanda Bible Williams.
Genre: Bible.
Pages: 2226.
Source: Complimentary hardcover copy from B&H Publishing Group. I was not required to write a positive review.
Rating: Excellent

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Further links of interest on the She Reads Truth CSB:
She Reads Truth Bible. This link shows a video of the Bible, excerpts of pages, and other detailed information.
She Reads Truth. This link is the website for the organization.
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Purchasing a Bible is a strong personal choice. There are many factors that are involved in what type of Bible to buy. Some examples are translation, words of Christ in red letter, reference verses, notes, maps, type-font size, and the over-all look of the Bible. Several questions can be asked: Will I use the Bible for everyday reading? Will I use the Bible in a Bible study? Will I use the Bible for Bible journaling or taking notes on the pages?
Bible journaling is popular. Social media has helped boost the interest. Instagram, Facebook groups, Pinterest, and YouTube all have Bible journaling information. And, DaySpring, LifeWay, and Hobby Lobby offer supplies.
The She Reads Truth Bible is not a journaling Bible. I have read several reviews from customers who were disappointed the Bible pages do not allow for Bible journaling. I use a mechanical pencil and have written in several places in my She Reads Truth Bible. This works great. The mechanical pencil does not smear. The lead in a regular pencil will smear. I have colored lead for a mechanical pencil. I use this as well and it works great. I do not use high-lighters in this Bible. I have stopped using high-lighters in all my Bibles. It’s a personal preference, because I don’t like the way it looks. When I want a verse to stand-out and be remembered. I use a ruler and a mechanical pencil, and I underline the word or sentence. Another tool I’ve been using is sticky notes. Michaels, for a dollar, has small decorative post-it type notes. These easily fit on the side margins of the She Reads Truth Bible.
The pages of the She Reads Truth Bible, Christian Standard Bible are similar to the ESV Study Bible pages. In both texture and thickness.
Additional features:
Christian Standard Bible translation. This is a new edition of the translation. This is a big update from the Holman Christian Standard Bible edition.
Single column.
66 illustrated (beautiful) key verses that are located on the first page of each Bible book.
20 full-color maps.
11 full-color charts.
35 full-color timelines.
Text size is 8 point.
The cover is gray linen cloth over board.
The Bible is held in a gray linen hard case.
2 ribbon markers, 1 white and 1 red.
Smyth-sewn binding
A Bible reading plan for each book of the Bible. These are located at the start of each book. In addition, there is a one year Bible reading plan located at the back of the Bible.
Topical index.
189 devotionals.
A Key verse list.
A brief explanation of the Old Testament and New Testament.
The Apostle’s Creed.
A brief introductory of each Bible book.
In the opening pages of the Bible, a Gospel presentation is given.
And, an introduction to the Bible explaining the text used for the translation.
“The textual base for the New Testament is the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, 28th edition, and the United Bible Societes’ Greek New Testament, 5th corrected edition. The text for the Old Testament is the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, 5th Edition.” The She Reads Truth Bible, Christian Standard Bible is an “optimal equivalence” translation. “The primary goal of translation is to convey the sense of the original with as much clarity as the original text and the translation language permit.”
In order to compare this textual base with another Bible translation. The ESV Study Bible “is based on the Masoretic-Biblia Hebraica 2nd ed 1983, and Greek text in the 1993 editions of the of Greek New Testament 4th corrected, published by the United Bible Societies, and Novum Testamentum Graece 27th ed. edited by Nestle and Aland”. Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Samartian Pentateuch, Syriac Peshitta, and Latin Vulgate are additional sources. The ESV Study Bible is an “essentially literal” translation.
For some Bible readers, the above information on textual base for the translation is a non-interest. For me, it is important and interesting.

What I love about this Bible:
1. A minimalist look. This may seem a strange thing to say. The pages are clean, open, and the focus is on Scripture. My eyes are not distracted by fluff. Fluff meaning additional information that I don’t need.
2. Room to take notes. Most pages have at least a 1 1/2 inch place on the margins to write. In the Psalms, as much as 4 inches are available.
3. I love the beautiful, fluid, artistically written key Bible verse located at the beginning of each Bible book.
4. The maps. Most maps in Bibles are full color and heavy with points of interest. This is great. However, in the She Reads Truth Bible the maps are simplistic. They are black ink drawings with a “just the facts” look.
It usually takes me a while to get used to a new Bible or a new translation. I have made myself at home quickly in this Bible. I use it for everyday Bible reading, Bible study, and note taking. It is my go to Bible!





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