(Review) The Address by Fiona Davis

the addresss

Publisher and Publication Date: Dutton Books. August 1, 2017.
Genre: Fiction. Mystery.
Pages: 354.
Source: Library.
Rating: Good.


Two stories from two different time periods. Both of the stories will connect.
1884. The story begins in London, England, and Sara Smythe, age 30, is given an opportunity to move to New York City. She will work as a lady managerette at a new apartment building, the Dakota. The architect of the Dakota is Theodore Camden. He and his wife have three small children. However, Theo and Sara build a relationship.
100 years later, 1985. Bailey Camden is an interior designer. She has just finished rehab and is looking to restart her career. Her nasty behavior while on drugs and alcohol has caused a bad reputation. Her cousin, Melinda, hires her to decorate the Dakota. Melinda is the direct heir of the Camden fortune. Bailey and her dad are not close. Their relationship is cool and hangs by a thread. Bailey’s mother died when she was 18.

My Thoughts:
I knew from the synopsis of the story on the inside book flap, somehow Sara and Bailey were connected, but did not know the details of the connection. The story is a mystery about the Camden family, but I didn’t find it too mysterious. I figured the storyline out early. I consider The Address to be a family saga with a small amount of mystery.
Sara and Bailey are women who have gumption. They are resilient and long-suffering. Bailey is mouthy, but her time period allows this. Sara’s time period is the constrained Victorian age.
Bailey’s new friend, Renzo, is an additional character she meets at the Dakota. He is an asset. He is a dependable character.
An aspect of the story that is not “enjoyable” but is interesting, is the history (in the 1800s) of the insane asylum. How people were treated and disposed of in this place. It is a horrifying aspect of The Address.
I love history. The Dakota is a famous apartment building in New York City. John Lennon was murdered outside the building (south entrance.) This is all I knew. Even though The Address is fiction, there are historical facts about the building weaved in the story. I enjoyed this aspect of the book.


The Dakota in 1890.



One thought on “(Review) The Address by Fiona Davis

  1. Interesting but not enjoyable is probably the best way to describe this book. I recently finished it as well and I usually love historical mysteries. I agree with your analysis completely that it’s more of a drama than a mystery. I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but it was an interesting book to read. Great review! It is rare that I agree with an entire reviewer’s analysis, but I agreed completely with yours.


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