(Review) How To Let God Solve Your Problems: 12 Keys To Finding Clear Guidance In Life’s Trials by Charles F. Stanley


Publisher and Publication Date: Thomas Nelson. 2008.
Genre: Christian nonfiction.
Pages: 160.
Source: Free copy from In Touch Ministries-a Charles F. Stanley ministry.
Rating: Very good.


As you read through this book, I want to challenge you to alter the way you view life’s problems and trials. Instead of cowering in fear when difficulties come, step out in faith and trust God to deal with your circumstances. Page xi.

The above quote is difficult to digest when we’re going through a crisis!
To think beyond the storm we’re trying to survive, requires a strength and vision only the Holy Spirit provides.
How To Let God Solve Your Problems is not a pep talk book. It gives sound Bible teaching and applicable teaching.

My Thoughts on why I gave this book a very good rating:
•The book is encouraging. Early in the book Stanley encourages us not to give up and what may happen if we do.
•The definition of endurance; in addition, how endurance shapes our lives.
•Chapter two is titled, “The Test of Endurance.” In this chapter, five principles are given to help us not “turn away” and “give up.”
•Chapter three is titled, “God Has an Answer for Your Need.” Stanley gives reasons why “God allows problems.” One of these reasons is, “God allows adversity to touch our lives so that we will turn to Him.” Another reason is, “God uses adversity to purify us and prepare us for greater service.” I enjoyed reading this aspect as it reminds me of a larger purpose beyond the current suffering. God does not waste anything. God does not waste our sorrows, but uses the suffering to mold us and prepare us for a future purpose.
•Chapter Six is “A Change in Attitude,” and it builds on the aspect of God not wasting our sorrows.

God never wastes our sorrows. He has a plan in mind for every problem and frustration we face. Always remember, He is not the One who created the adversity, but He uses it to strengthen our faith and mold our lives so that we reflect His love and grace to others. It is in the hard places in life that we learn the deeper truths of God. Page 51.

•Chapter seven is “Solving Problems Through Prayer,” and it addresses problems I have: wanting to understand why the suffering is happening and how is God going to solve this problem. “Your job is to set the focus of your heart on obeying Him.” Page 71.
•Chapter eleven is “Reaching Your Full Potential.”

In times of training and brokenness, God targets specific areas in our lives that are hindering His purpose and will. He arranges the circumstances for our brokenness and also chooses the tools by which this will be accomplished. He also controls the emotional and physical pressure that is applied to our life. All of this is done in an effort to teach us how to submit to His will. Page 125.

Several stories from the Bible are used as illustrations: Adam and Eve, Joseph, Elijah, David, Paul, Samuel, and Jonah.





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