(Review) The Study Bible For Women, Christian Standard Bible, Published by Holman Bibles and B&H


Publisher and Publication Date: Holman Bible Publishers/B&H Publishing. April 15, 2018.
Genre: Bible.
Pages: 2240.
Source: B&H/Lifeway Publishers. I received a complimentary hardcover copy from B&H Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review.
Rating: Excellent.

For further information about Bible from the publisher: B&H Publishing.


Christian Book  

For a sample chapter: The Study Bible for Women CSB.

For a full bio of the General Editor of this Bible: Dorothy Kelley Patterson.

For a full bio of the Managing Editor of this Bible: Rhonda Harrington Kelley.

Features of the Bible include:
Smyth-sewn binding
Two-column text
8-point type
Two satin ribbons for book marks
Extensive commentary notes
Word studies
Answers to hard questions
Doctrinal notes
Biblical womanhood articles
Dual pages for a family tree
“The Ketubah,” a Jewish marriage contract
“My Spiritual Mother’s Page”
Character profiles
“How to Study the Bible” article by Dorothy Kelley Patterson
“Written on My Heart” applications
“The Christian Life” article by Rhonda Harrington Kelley
“Introduction to the Christian Standard Bible” (includes the textual base for the translation)
Outlines for each Bible book
Extensive book introductions
Presentation page
Ten color maps (at the back of the Bible)
In-text maps
Charts & timelines
A nine page “Index of Features”
A 101 page Concordance

My Thoughts:
This is the third Christian Standard Bible I’ve reviewed. My go to Bible, and the first Bible from this series I reviewed is the, She Reads Truth, Christian Standard Bible. The second Bible I reviewed is the, Study Bible, Christian Standard Bible. Both of these Bibles I purchased. A new Bible from this translation series is The Rainbow Study Bible. This Bible was published May 1: Amazon.

This is the website for the Christian Standard Bible.
To read the “Translation Philosophy of the Christian Standard Bible.”
From the above link: “The CSB was created using Optimal Equivalence, a translation philosophy that pursues both linguistic precision to the original languages and readability in contemporary English.”

Now, for my thoughts.
I’ll start with the less of significant reasons as to why I love this Bible.
1. Aqua is one of my favorite colors. I was not pleased with the color selection of the She Reads Truth, CSB. The choices are white, gray and poppy red. Later, a navy colored leather touch was added. Aqua is easy on the eyes, simple, casual, and a tranquil color.
2. The first several pages are the presentation page, “The Ketubah”, family memories and tree, and spiritual Mother’s page.
The significant reasons why I love this Bible.
1. I love the translation. I believe most people do not read the information about the textual base used for the translation. They see the cover, like the way it reads and they buy the Bible. Possibly certain features of the Bible are a draw like the concordance. I love the readable CSB translation.
2. I love the footnotes at the bottom of the pages. These show the differences in the manuscripts and other OT versions.
3. I love the word studies that are included. The first word study, located on the first page of “Genesis” is “God.”
4. “Doctrine” studies. Early studies in the “Gospel of John” are “Faith, Christology, Incarnation.”
5. “Hard Question.” These are located sporadically throughout the Bible books. In the book of “1 Timothy” the “Hard Question: Is it really possible to be content?”
6. I love the bold easy to read print. I wear bifocals, but the bold print in books help!

Additional points to know:
This not a journaling Bible.
The pages are thin.
They have a matte finish so they are easy to turn.
Only half an inch is on the margins.




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