windows into texas

I took a nice long break but I’m back to write reviews. I did not take a break from reading. I have several great books to review in the coming days and weeks.
The following books will be reviewed (links take you to Goodreads):
Healing the Scars of Childhood Abuse: Moving beyond the Past into a Healthy Future by Gregory L. Jantz, PhD, with Ann McMurray
Being There: How to Love Those Who are Hurting by Dave Furman
Hiroshima by John Hersey
The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens
Lilli de Jong by Janet Benton
Anxious: Choosing faith in a world of worry by Amy Simpson
Patchwork: A Memoir of Love and Loss by Mary Jo Doig
The Battle Plan for Prayer: From Basic Training To Targeted Strategies by Stephen and Alex Kendrick
The White Album by Joan Didion
Hank and Jim: The Fifty Year Friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart by Scott Eyman
I loved Her In The Movies: Memories of Hollywood’s Legendary Actresses by Robert Wagner
Shame Interrupted: How God Lifts The Pain of Worthlessness and Rejection by Edward T. Welch
The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II by Iris Chang

I’ve never been a fan of star ratings on books. Amazon and Goodreads use star ratings. I no longer leave reviews at Amazon-it’s too much of a hassle. I will continue to leave star ratings at Goodreads. On this blog, my reviews will not show star ratings. I will give the book a recommendation or not recommended. I’m also adding a new feature, the books audience. I feel these two features will get to the “meat and potatoes” of the review. Simple is best. A straightforward review does not leave a guess about the book to my readers.

This month marks eleven years in writing book reviews and blogging. Ten years at Blogger. One year at WordPress.
Thank you to all the people who’ve supported me!

My personal life is often left out of blogging-book reviewing is the focus.
I thought I’d share a few things about me:
•I’m a big baseball fan-Texas Rangers. My hometown is Houston. So, I’m also an Astros fan.
•I love jigsaw puzzles, board games, card games, and word search puzzles.
•I cross-stitch and do other types of embroidery.
•I love binge-watching Netflix or Prime Video movies.
•I’m a Bible Study Fellowship children’s leader. This is my 3rd year to be a children’s leader.
•Near and dear to my heart is literacy. This is my 4th year to work with 1st graders, and 1st year to work with 3rd graders, in a literacy program aimed at teaching kids to read.
•Greatest reading interests are World War II, Holocaust, memoirs, biographies, historical fiction, and classic literature.
•I recently completed training to be a mentor to women who’ve been sexually abused.
•I’m an introvert-INFJ. However, I don’t have social anxiety and love hanging out with friends. And being in crowds don’t bother me, as long as I don’t have to do this often.
•I love my home and don’t mind housework. I especially love to cook, bake, and do the laundry.
•I took care of my parents thirteen years. They are both gone. Both of them were avid readers.
•I’ve been married 36 years, two sons, two daughter-in-law’s, and three grandchildren.
•A perfect day for me is a quiet day at home where I’m able to read. A good cup of coffee and cooler temperatures make the day even better!




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