(Review) Absolute Surrender: Read and Reflect With The Classics by Andrew Murray

absolute surrender

Publisher and Publication Date: B&H Publishing Group. 2017.
Genre: Christian nonfiction.
Pages: 160.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Okay. I recommend another book by Murray, Humility. The kindle edition is .99 cents.
Audience: Readers of Andrew Murray.


Absolute Surrender was originally published in 1897. The book has been published in different formats and by different publishers. It is considered a classic Christian book. Andrew Murray was a South African pastor and writer who was born in 1828 and died in 1917. The following link from Christianity Today has a biography.
My book republished by B&H Publishing Group is a dark blue cloth over board book. The book does not have a biography of Murray. A brief two-page, “Letter to the Reader” is included. The book does not include an index, about the author, or notes section.

My Thoughts:
One of my favorite Christian books is Humility by Andrew Murray. I’ve heard other authors remark about this book. I believe Humility is a gem in Christian books!

I was disappointed in Absolute Surrender. It’s not that it is a bad book. It just didn’t hold my interest like I’d hoped. I take notes when reading, and this book has one page of notes.

Chapter 1: Absolute Surrender
Chapter 2: The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love
Chapter 3: Separated unto the Holy Ghost
Chapter 4: Peter’s Repentance
Chapter 5: Impossible with Man, Possible with God
Chapter 6: O Wretched Man That I am!
Chapter 7: Having Begun in the Spirit
Chapter 8: Kept by the Power of God
Chapter 9: Ye Are the Branches

Chapter five was my favorite: “Impossible with Man, Possible with God.” In this chapter, the stages in a Christian life are explained. A Christian is to be humble and surrender to God’s power in the Christian life. A Christian can not try and live it solely in our own strength. Peter is a Bible character who is given as an illustration.
All the chapters in the book end with three sections: “Bible Study Questions” and  “Personal Reflection Questions” and “Prayer.”


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