Share-a-Tea 2019 Reading Challenge


share a tea challengeThis is the first check-in post for the Share-a-Read 2019 Reading Challenge.

The first book I’m reading for this challenge is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. This is the second time to read this book; and I’m not finished reading the book in time for the first post. I’m currently on page 150. So, I’m about half-way through the book.
Elinor is my favorite person in the story. I’m amazed at her strength of character! And, I can relate to her in one specific way: her ability to remain calm in spite of highly emotional and difficult people. I wonder, if in at least a small part, Elinor is drawn to Edward Ferrars because he is not “over the top” dramatic in character. He is a person she can remain calm with, and he is a person she can see herself living with, for the rest of her life. Not all women, and men, want a partner who is a Romeo. Instead, a partner who can fully function as a partner in everyway, who can be depended on, who can be a bestfriend, and who can be counted on to remain rational. These qualities lead to a sense of security and peace.

The tea I’ve picked to companion this challenge is Moroccan Mint, green tea, Stash.
Stash Tea on Facebook.
Website for Stash Tea.
The tea is fresh and minty (that’s not too powerful.)


2 thoughts on “Share-a-Tea 2019 Reading Challenge

  1. I meant to start Sense and Sensibility in January but didn’t get around to it. Hoping it’s February 😉 I have tried Stash’s Moroccan Mint and liked it. But I prefer their Peppermint. I can’t count the number of boxes of Peppermint I’ve bought since discovering it 😉

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