(Review) Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World by Max Lucado


Publisher and Publication Date: Thomas Nelson. 2017.
Genre: Christian nonfiction. Anxiety.
Pages: 240.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Excellent.
Audience: The book is written from the pen of a Christian pastor. The audience who looks at this book for purchase will primarily be Christians. However, there is a wealth of knowledge and help for people struggling with anxiety.


Website for Max Lucado


I’ve read several books by Max Lucado. Anxious for Nothing is probably one of my favorites.

I’m seeing two recurring subjects in Christian nonfiction: anxiety and suffering.
Max Lucado states on page five, anxiety is the number one mental health problem with women, and it is second with men.
I know several people who have been diagnosed and are on medicine for anxiety. Some of these people have big stresses in their lives. For example: special needs kids, financial hardship, medical problems, marriage crisis, PTSD, and caring for aging parents. I listen to them about what is going on in their lives. I’m apprehensive about telling the person who has anxiety anything that may come off as what they are going through is trivial. And I’m preaching to the choir, because that list of big stresses in people’s lives is my own immediate family. Anxious for Nothing is just what I needed to read. Some of the illustrations and quotes have stayed with me long after reading.

Some of my favorite quotes:
“The mind cannot at the same time be full of God and full of fear.” Page 32.
“The widest river in the world is not the Mississippi, Amazon, or Nile. The widest river on earth is a body of water called If only.” Page 93.
“The good life begins, not when circumstances change, but when our attitude toward them does.” Page 93.

The book is divided into four sections with eleven chapters:
1. “Celebrate God’s Goodness.” This section is about rejoicing in the Lord despite circumstances.
2. “Ask God For Help.” Knowing God is in control and remain calm.
3. “Leave Your Concerns With Him.” Have a focus on gratitude.
4. “Meditate On Good Things.” The importance of my thinking. The type of thoughts that I think about.

My favorite part of the book is in the fourth section. Lucado encourages me to think like an air traffic controller. I am to select my thought pattern, like an air traffic controller decides when a plane takes off or lands. I decide what to think about. I really am in control of what I think about.
Gratitude. This is a word that feels like the last thing to do during a time of anxiety. Gratitude keeps me focused on the present. Gratitude takes my mind off the pain of yesterday and the worry of the future. It keeps us grounded in the gratitude of today.

The main part of the book ends at page 152.
On page 153 begins “Questions For Reflection.”
On page 201 is Scriptures that covers each of the eleven chapters.
The last two sections is “Notes,” and “The Lucado Reader’s Guide.” In this last part, Lucado’s books are organized in themes. For example, if you are struggling with “fear and worry” or want to read more about “peace.”

I consider Anxious For Nothing an excellent tool. A tool that helps combat anxiety.


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