(Review) Book Girl: A Journey through the Treasures & Transforming Power of a Reading Life by Sarah Clarkson


Publisher and Publication Date: Tyndale Momentum. September 4, 2018.
Genre: Nonfiction. Books. Reading.
Pages: 288.
Source: Library.
Rating: Very good.
Audience: People who read books about reading!


Blog for Sarah Clarkson

I love books about books and reading. A book loving person will be drawn to a book like this!

Book Girl is a personable, entertaining, revealing look about a life long love of books.
Book Girl has chapters with themes. For example: classics to read, poetry, praying, brave women, spiritual classics, and biographies. Clarkson explains why the books are on each list.
Book Girl shares why reading books creates a different view of life, as opposed to those who do not read. The world a book reader understands is vast and varied.
I love it that Clarkson helps me understand why books have brought her growth, meaning, and joy.
A strong point Clarkson brought up is how social media is distracting. It is distracting in how it keeps the eyes busy with enticing visual activity. Reading is a solitude activity requiring the disciplined reading of words.

A short list of books recommended:
God Smuggler by Brother Andrew
A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot
Christy by Catherine Marshall
The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Knowledge of God by J. I. Packer
Bleak House by Charles Dickens
The Best Poems of the English Language: From Chaucer through Robert Frost by Harold Bloom


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