(Review) The Most Dangerous Animal of All: Searching For My Father And Finding The Zodiac Killer by Gary Stewart with Susan Mustafa


Publisher and Publication Date: HarperCollins. 2014.
Genre: Nonfiction. True crime.
Pages: 384.
Source: Library.
Rating: Good.
Audience: True crime readers.

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An interesting rebuttal to the book: The Most Dangerous Daddy of All

There are several websites dedicated to the Zodiac Killer. I’m including Britannica, because they are a solid starting point for facts.

The Most Dangerous Animal of All is an interesting book. The author, Gary Stewart, believes the Zodiac killer is his birth father. The book is his journey of discovery. It is also his theory against other theories about the Zodiac killer. So, I advice reading the book with a grain of salt. I just finished reading Zodiac by Robert Graysmith. His book became the adapted 2007 film, Zodiac. The actor Jake Gyllenhaal portrayed Graysmith. The film is on Netflix at this time.

The Most Dangerous Animal of All began when Stewart’s biological mother contacted him when he was age 39. Stewart had been adopted as an infant. In finding out about his birth mother, he finds out about his birth father. The book gives all the chronological steps, interviews, and the paper trails leading up to his theory.

I’ve given this book a good rating. It is readable, interesting, and put together in a way that made me wonder if it’s possible about Stewart’s belief. However, I’m not convinced, not after reading the above rebuttal link in the beginning of this review. I’m also not convinced after reading the book by Zodiac by Robert Graysmith.
One of the top reasons I feel this is a readable book is it is narrative, it reads like a story. And, Stewart and Mustafa narrate the book well.


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