(Review) Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership Journey by Randy D. Reese and Robert Loane


Publisher and Publication Date: InterVarsity Press. September 17, 2012.
Genre: Christian nonfiction.
Pages: 240.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Very Good.
Audience: Christian readers who want to develop leadership skills.

Part One: Noticing Already-Present Action
Part Two: Learning from Those Who Have Come Before Us
Part Three: Guiding the Formation of Others

In Deep Mentoring, I learned how God shapes me through a Christian leader who walks beside me; and, God works to develop maturity through life events that is unique to my story, and to develop me in to a leader who is prepared to mentor another.
In brief, Deep Mentoring explains: “This book, however is about leadership formation.” Page 21.

I bought this book several years ago. It sat on a shelf forgotten. This summer I’ve been pulling books off the shelves, dusting them off, and trying to read a few. Deep Mentoring is the first book read from that old to be read stack.

This book is not for everyone looking to read a book on mentoring another Christian, because the book requires a disciplined approach that starts with self. Self is the first point to address before walking alongside another person in their Christian growth.
Another reason this book may not be for all readers is this book requires homework. Several questions are dispersed in the chapters and at the close of the chapters. These questions are to help us reflect on our lives. The reader will need a notebook to answer them.

The best of part one is learning about the significance, and how to create a timeline, of our story. It’s a timeline or study of our lives. We are to analyze our lives in respect to how God has been at work. And, some of the questions to ask: How is God growing me up in that life? What is my response to God’s work?

We are challenged to be like a detective. “Detective work is a slow process requiring focused attention;” Page 46.

Do you look at your life as a preparation for God’s Work?
How is God preparing you to serve Him?

As an example, the story of Mother Teresa is given, and how God prepared her for a life of mission work.

Five signs are given as examples that God is readying our lives. For example, “An increased yearning for intimacy with God.” “A Growing recognition of the importance of holiness.” Page 104.

Deep Mentoring takes us through problems we will encounter during the development of our service. In addition, faithfulness, dependence on God, character formation, legacy, boundaries, and a time of testing.

The last part of the book is on the formation of others: our mentoring of another person. Mentoring means to walk alongside another person. Examples of those in the Bible who mentored another, like Elijah who mentored Elisha. And, how Jesus mentored others. This last point is taught in chapter seven.

When I began reading this book I thought its emphasis was mentoring others. I love it that it began by how leadership is crafted in me!




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