(Review) Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb

Daughters of the Lake
Publisher and Publication Date: Lake Union Publishing. 2018.
Genre: Fiction.
Pages: 317.
Source: Kindle Unlimited copy.
Audience: Hard to tell. Readers who are drawn to fiction, two time periods, and ghost stories.
Rating: Okay.

This book is free in the Kindle Unlimited program.



I was drawn to the book because of the title and cover art. Secondly, I was enticed by the description of the story.
The front cover is gush worthy!

Kate Granger is separated from her husband. She’s moved back to her hometown to live near family. Kate and her dog, Sadie, a German Shepherd, go for a walk along Lake Superior. They find the bodies of a woman and infant. Kate is deeply disturbed by finding the two bodies. Even though the police are investigating, Kate, being an investigative journalist, embarks on finding out about the deceased woman. Kate’s cousin is Simon. He and his partner own a bed and breakfast. It is a family home that they are renovating. Kate spends much of the time in this ancestral home filled with aparitions, dreams, and memories to reveal.
Other elements in this story is the legend about Lake Superior. A book that’s been handed down. The mystery surrounding the deaths. Dreams and ghosts. A love story. And, two time periods.

My Thoughts:
There are things I like and dislike about the book.

•Predictable. Kate is a journalist, and it is predictable she’d want to investigate like a bloodhound what happened to the woman and infant. Other predicable things, like the link of Kate and the woman, Kate’s husband is the one who caused the split, and Kate has a gay cousin named Simon. I made that last point, because it could have been the other way around and made the book not predictable. An example, Simon is the main character.
I want to read stories that have not been told before or told in a different way. Teach me something about people I didn’t know. Show me a vulnerable side or a strong side of people who are not the norm predicted to be such.
•The ending. The ending is a rushed-strange-possession-I’ve got whiplash trying to keep up with what’s going on.
•I love a good ghost story, but this one is tepid. It’s possible the building up or descriptions were not icy or edgy enough.

•The legend of Lake Superior. I’ve not read anything about the curious legend. I’ve googled this, and found there are several legends and stories surrounding Lake Superior.
•The setting. I loved reading about small town quaint life near Lake Superior. So many of the stories I read have a location of the big city or Europe. The description of the town and the area surrounding the lake made me feel I was there.







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