(Review) Anne Bradstreet by D. B. Kellogg


Publisher and Publication Date: Thomas Nelson. 2010.
Genre: Christian Nonfiction. Biography. Poetry.
Pages: 192.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Very good.
Audience: Readers of poetry.


The first thing I want to state about this book is it is a brief look at Anne Bradstreet’s life and poetry. Do you want to read more about Anne Bradstreet? I am currently reading another book about her and will post on the review soon. The title is Anne Bradstreet: The Works of Anne Bradstreet. Edited by Jeannine Hensley.
Christian Encounters is a series of nonfiction biography books on historical figures. Christian Encounters is published by Thomas Nelson, a Christian publishing company. Examples of other books are Jane Austen, Sergeant York, Saint Patrick and John Bunyan.

Anne Bradstreet was born in Northampton, England, 1612. She had smallpox as a young girl. She’d been educated well. She married at age 16; and, two years later Anne, and husband, Simon Bradstreet, and other family left England for the new land of Massachusetts Bay Colony. The year was 1630.
Bradstreet was a poet who wrote for pleasure. She wrote to express herself and the world she lived in. She was a Puritan, and, through her poetry we understand how a Puritan woman felt about life. She is considered the first published female poet in America.
The book creates an appetite to read another book about Anne Bradstreet. This is why I ordered from Amazon the second book: The Works of Anne Bradstreet.
Anne Bradstreet, a Christian Encounter shares about Puritan life. Its culture, church service, clothing, medical treatments, law, and its philosophy in general. The book doesn’t share detailed information about the sea crossing. The emphasis is on after the arrival, the other places they lived and life in general for Bradstreet.
A few lines of her poetry is included. My favorite is To My Dear and Loving Husband. It shows Anne and Simon had a close and loving marriage. It was affectionate and tender.
An undated poem, Contemplations, focuses on the Creator God and His creation.
“I wish not what to wish, yet sure thought I,
If so much excellence abide below;
How excellent is he that dwells on high?
Whose power and beauty by his works we know.”
The book edits the poem. The original is 33 stanzas. To read the complete poem: Poetry Foundation.
Chapter eight in the book is about Anne Hutchinson. She was a rebel with an interesting history. In brief, this chapter explains her life and circumstances.
Over-all the book is enjoyable and an easy read. It definitely left me wanting more. This is a solid first choice, but not a final choice on Anne Bradstreet.


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