(Review) The Watsons by Rose Servitova and Jane Austen

The Watsons FINAL

Publisher and Publication Date: Wooster Publishing. October 10, 2019.
Genre: Austenesque, Historical Fiction.
Pages: 256.
Source: I received a complimentary copy, but was not required to leave a positive review.
Audience: Jane Austen readers.
Rating: Excellent.

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Rose Servitova headshot
Author Info:
Irish author Rose Servitova is an award-winning humor writer, event manager,
and job coach for people with special needs. Her debut novel, The Longbourn
LettersThe Correspondence between Mr. Collins and Mr. Bennet, described as a
‘literary triumph’, has received international acclaim since its publication in 2017.
Rose enjoys talking at literary events, drinking tea and walking on Irish country
roads. She lives in County Limerick with her husband, two young children and
three indifferent cats. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

“A gift for Austen fans everywhere – full of wit, informed imagination and palpable
affection for Austen’s characters.” — Natalie Jenner, author of The Jane Austen
“Very satisfying, sometimes moving and often laugh-out-loud hilarious.” — Jane
Austen Regency World Magazine

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Can she honour her family and stay true to herself?
Emma Watson returns to her family home after fourteen years with her wealthy
and indulgent aunt. Now more refined than her siblings, Emma is shocked by her
sisters’ flagrant and desperate attempts to ensnare a husband. To the surprise of
the neighbourhood, Emma immediately attracts the attention of eligible suitors –
notably the socially awkward Lord Osborne, heir to Osborne Castle – who could
provide her with a home and high status if she is left with neither after her father’s
death. Soon Emma finds herself navigating a world of unfamiliar social mores,
making missteps that could affect the rest of her life. How can she make amends
for the wrongs she is seen to have committed without betraying her own sense of
what is right?
Jane Austen commenced writing The Watsons over two hundred years ago,
putting it aside unfinished, never to return and complete it. Now, Rose Servitova,
author of acclaimed humour title, The Longbourn Letters: The Correspondence
between Mr. Collins and Mr. Bennet has finished Austen’s manuscript in a manner
true to Austen’s style and wit.

My Thoughts:
I love the character Emma. On her return home, Emma has no idea what her family is really like. She has no idea how they view her, because she’s lived apart from them and is now expected to blend back in with the family. She has a strong personality, yet she is amiable. Her strengths will be utilized throughout the story. Her ability to stand her ground when other people in the family pressure her to act. Emma is a character I admire. Emma is in sharp contrast with other personalities in the story. She shines brilliantly!
Dialogue is a strong element in The Watson’s. Whether the conversation is about gossip or information shared between confidantes.
Judging or forming an opinion is a theme. However, first impressions are not always what can be counted on as truth. People assume something and it’s not correct. Behind the story of The Watson’s is a teaching element based on the judging theme. I love stories that hold something for me to learn.
Other strengths in The Watson’s:
•Solid story portraying the culture and standards of this era.
•The bond of sisters.
•The struggle to make a right decision, yet be true to self.
•People who should be counted on as having a high standard of character fall flat.
•A steady pacing of the story.

Over-all I love The Watson’s. I became swept up in the story from the first page!

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