Welcome to the New Year-2020


January 2020 marks my thirteenth year in blogging and writing book reviews. I spent over ten years at Blogger. I moved over to WordPress two and a half years ago.
For those of you who are new to my blog, my posts are sporadic. Many of my blogging friends post everyday or a few times a week. Once upon a time I did too. I’m busy reading and volunteering in the community. I blog when I have a chance.

Over the years in blogging and writing book reviews, I’ve had moments of embarrassment. Consider this a top ten list of most embarrassing moments in book reviews.

10. I’m staring at the computer screen and have absolutely no idea what I’m going to say about a particular book.
9. I’ve committed to reading a book in a genre I don’t like.
8. I disliked the book so much that anything written about the book is going to be negative…and I don’t even like the front cover.
7. Grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.
6. Comments that are flirtations. The person wants a date!
5. The wrong photo of the book is used. It’s a photo of a different book.
4. I forgot to read the book and realized 24 hours before the review is due.
3. I forgot to review a book on the assigned day.
2. A wrong title on the book. It’s a mix-up. This is what happens when I write reviews in advance, and I write several reviews in one day.
⊗ONE. I misspelled the author name in the title. The author corrected me in an email.

In 2007, I began blogging because I’d read comments from people over at Shelfari (a decommissioned website for book people) about blogs. I wondered, what is a blog? After a little research, I created one. I had no idea what I was doing at first. I just kept at it until I found my “fit.” I used to worry about the blog: do I have enough followers? Do I post enough? I don’t live in that land of worry anymore. I’m going to focus on the adventure in reading and reviewing.

Thank you loyal readers! Thank you authors! Thank you book tour groups! Thank you publishers! Thank you for following this blog! Thank you for the likes and comments!

Cheers to the New Year of 2020!


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