(Review) All Along You Were Blooming: thoughts for boundless living by Morgan Harper Nichols

All Along You Were Blooming
Publisher and Publication Date: Zondervan. January 21, 2020.
Genre: Poetry. Inspirational.
Pages: 192.
Source: Self-purchase.
Audience: Readers of poetry. I feel this book is written for a younger audience, but I’m certainly not young.
Rating: Excellent.

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Link to read a sample: All Along You Were Blooming.

Link to Nichols’s blog

A celebration of hope. An encounter with grace. A restoration of the heart. A healing of wounds. An anthem of freedom. All Along You Were Blooming is the ultimate love letter from the pen of popular Instagram poet Morgan Harper Nichols to your mind, to your heart, to your soul, and to your body.
Morgan Harper Nichols delivers a striking collection of illustrated poetry and prose, inviting you to “stumble into the sunlight” and delight in the wild and boundless grace you’ve been given. There is a purpose in every season, and no matter how you want to race through this day or run away from this place, rest assured that you are invited to live fully—right here, right now. Light will always find you, and even when the sun sets and you sit awaiting the dawn, know you are still blooming in the way you were meant to. And in each small moment, whether in the light or the dark, you can make room for becoming, for breathing, for stumbling, and for simply being—for there is Grace, today and every day. Summary from Zondervan.

My Thoughts:
In early March I was shopping in Target and found this book. I had not heard of the author until this shopping trip.
I’m amazed at the beauty of both the illustrated pages and the words.
My thoughts while reading the poems: wise, deep, personal, kind, loving, restful, calm, inviting, welcoming, and love.
I plan to pass the book on to my 16 year old granddaughter, Celeste.
One of the first lines in the book that first stopped me is on page 79. “Not everything can be put into words.” This past January and February I went through something deeply painful and shocking. I couldn’t even articulate the words to pray. The line on page 79 reminded me of this event. I know how it feels to not find a word to express. I know how it feels to not be able to move my mouth to speak a word.
Subjects in the poems are about relationships, betrayal, moving forward, growing, learning, strength, courage, unashamed, and love.
I recommend this book! It is a beautiful gem! 


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