Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio App

biblegatewayI’m a Blogger Grid Member. I’ve been asked to review the new Bible Gateway Bible Audio App after receiving it for free and using it on my iPad.

With Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio App you can hear as well as read (at the same time) the Bible while on your daily commute, doing household chores, or as you drift off to sleep. Listen and read along with the Bible wherever you have an internet connection. It’s free and easy to use.

Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio App is a great tool to help you memorize Bible verses and passages. The verse text appears on your screen as you listen and changes when the spoken verse changes. And you can quickly swipe to navigate between verses.

Bible translations are available to read the text or listen in the app.

It’s available in iOS and Android.

My primary way of learning is visual. Audio is my least learning style. However, I have several books on Audible. There is an excellent audio book of the New Testament and it’s read by the actor David Suchet. I love to listen to his voice as I’m winding down the day and ready for sleep.

My Thoughts about the Bible Gateway Bible Audio APP:
What I like!
•The male voices are clear and easy to listen to.
•There are choices about how to listen: dramatized (there is music and other sound effects), a Pure Voice, or Max McLean (he has a deep resonating voice.)
•Other Bible translations are available but not all are free. The NIV, KJV, and NVI (Spanish) are free. The ICB Word of Promise Next Generation and the NKJV is upgrade price only.
•There is a choice of Bible readings (you choose the verses) or a Bible plan. The Bible plans are Old and New Testament daily readings, Chronological-Genesis to Revelation, New Testament in a year, and M’Cheyne’s Bible Reading Plan. This last plan is OT and NT, and a choice of Psalms or Gospel readings.

What I dislike!
•There are three choices of Bible translations for free. The two other choices are upgrade price only ($1.99) and are not commonly used translations. I’ve not heard of the ICB Word of Promise Next Generation translation. Most of the people I know, including me, read from the NIV, KJV, ESV, and CSB. The ESV (English Standard Version) and the CSB (Christian Standard Bible) are my favorite translations. The She Reads Truth in the CSB is a fantastic Bible and I read from it everyday. I feel the Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio APP needs more translations if they are going to compete with other Bible audio app choices.
•The upgrade fee for so few choices is not a good idea.
•I’d like a children’s version for the audio Bible.
•I’d like a choice to hear a female voice instead of a male.
•I feel the Bible Gateway’s Bible Audio App needs more. More of other things that make it enticing, because it looks and sounds incomplete.


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