International Tea Day 2020

Today is International Tea Day. A year ago I would not have noticed this event. I became a serious tea drinker six months ago.
Every morning I make a pot of tea (about three cups.) It is usually loose leaf tea. I make a tea latte using a new item of kitchen equipment I received for Mother’s Day. It is a Breville Milk Café Frother. It heats the milk and froths it. There is two disc choices. My favorite disc will froth most of the milk to a thicker froth with peaks like in a cappuccino. The rest of it will be creamy which I love too. This kitchen item is easy to use!
I am not a connoisseur of tea, but I know what I like and don’t like. I’ve tried several different tea brands and I’ll share them with you. I am not an Amazon affiliate, nor am I compensated for the following information.

My favorite loose leaf tea is from The Steeping Room. It’s a business located in Austin, Texas. This link takes you directly to the tea choices: The Steeping Room. I chatted with a representative from this store. They try to buy all organic, as much organic as possible and certified with no agrochemicals. At least this is their goal. The teas are from the following countries: Taiwan, China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Africa, and Columbia. They’ve had big tea sales and I asked if this will continue after the COVID-19 restrictions? Yes, but they are unclear as to what extent the sales will be. Businesses are trying hard to maintain during this rough COVID event. I wish them all the best. The teas I’ve tried and love from The Steeping Room, black teas: Golden Monkey, Golden Langur Assam Blend, Ying Hong #9 Black Tea from Guangdong Province, and 2019 Old Tree Feng Qing Black. I have loved all of the teas mentioned from The Steeping Room, and would have a hard time choosing just one as a favorite. My goal is to try all of their black tea choices.

Other loose leaf teas I’ve tried: Taylor’s of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Loose Leaf Tea. This is a much cheaper tea, but it is not at all in the same league as The Steeping Room‘s teas.
Stash Tea Double Bergamot Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea. This is a good tea. I’d place it in 3rd place.
Harney & Sons Black Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea. This is a very good tea. I’d give this second place just under The Steeping Room‘s teas.

If you are interested in becoming a loose leaf tea drinker there are some items you will need.
•A tea kettle. I have an electric tea kettle, but it doesn’t let me set the temperature. I’ve read that a tea kettle with a temperature setting is important. Hopefully in the future I will have one.
•A spoon to specifically measure the loose leaf tea. An average teaspoon, as we know it, does not correctly measure.
•A tea infuser. You can place this in your cup for individual size tea or place it in a tea pot.
The link is a good deal for buying both. Amazon.
I also purchase supplies at Cost Plus World Market. They have a great selection of tea stuff.
An extra item-a cool gadget I have. It will cover your tea cup to keep it warm. Kitchen Tool Tea Bag.
Another choice is to use a tea filter bag (reminds you of a coffee filter.) This will come in handy for using when you have fine tea. You can use this plus the tea infuser to keep particles from being in your tea you will drink. Melitta Loose Tea Filter.
•A tea pot. You don’t have to spend big money to buy a tea pot. I bought my white one at Target for $14.99.

I use a kitchen timer. Black tea should steep about 5 minutes.
I consider making tea an enjoyable morning ritual.


This handsome little man can be found at Cost Plus World Market

Other teas I love-these are bagged teas:
Most of these teas I’ve found in grocery stores. I’ve provided the Amazon link so you can see their pictures.
Pukka Night Time Tea
Clipper Snore and Peace Tea
Twinnings 100% Pure Black Tea, English Breakfast Decaffeinated
Stash Black Tea, English Breakfast
Stash Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Matcha
Twinnings Green Tea Jasmine

An honorable mention from Wholefoods Market:
Organic Rooibos Orange Vanilla Crème Tea  

My go to place to learn about tea is at Oh, How Civilized.  You can also find it on Facebook. Twitter.
Other online sources:
Tea House Times 
The Daily Tea
Tea Efficiency
From WebMD: Types of Tea and their health benefits

Did you know YouTube has a channel for tea drinkers? Afternoon Tea Jazz.



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