(Review) Bible Gateway New Website

Bible Gateway is an online Bible source. This includes both reading and audio.
Study tools are available. For example, dictionaries and commentaries.
To have full access of the study tools a membership is required. The price is $3.99 a month or $39.99 a year. Taxes are an additional charge.
To read or listen to the Bible there is no charge.
There are 18 choices for Bible reading plans.
You can signup for devotionals, newsletters, and reminders about reading the Bible.
A Spanish language option is available.

What I like about the new changes is the easy access at the top left to look up a Bible book. Don’t enter anything in the empty box. Click on the Bible Book List (down arrow) and a pop-up of all the books of the Bible appears. When you click on a Bible book the contents are shown. For example in the book of Genesis, you will see the content listed: 1 The Beginning, 2 Adam and Eve, 3 The Fall, 4 Cain and Able, and 5 From Adam to Noah. The content choices go all the way through the Bible. I love this. Often when I am looking for something in the Bible I don’t know what chapter to look in, but I am looking for a particular story.
In this same spot, but on the right side is the menu of Bible translation choices. Spanish language Bible translation choices are available.

The main navigation area is a vertical rectangle shaped burgundy colored box on the far left side. If you click on the Study Tools section it takes you to a couple of choices: Scripture Engagement and More Resources. The Scripture Engagement has a lengthy list of choices to better understand Bible reading, memorization, journaling, visual arts, singing, and handwriting Scripture. More Resources holds the information about Reading Plans and additional Study Tools.

Bible Gateway has an app at both Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

This link is a post on how to navigate the new Bible Gateway site.
Tips for Navigating the New Bible Gateway.


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