(Review) The Molehill, Volume 5, Edited by A. S. Peterson

Publisher and Publication Date: Rabbit Room Press. 2018.
Genre: Short stories. Fiction and nonfiction. Poetry.
Pages: 252.
Source: Self-purchase.
Audience: Readers who love short stories, essays, nonfiction, and poetry. Eclectic readers.
Rating: Excellent.

Rabbit Room Press link

This is volume 5. Volumes 1 and 2 are not available. Volumes 3 and 4 are available at Rabbit Room Press.

The Molehill is considered an annual journal of a variety of short reading material.
The volumes are not published every year.
Volume 5, published in 2018.
Volume 4, published in 2016.
Volume 3, published in 2014.
Volume 2, published in 2013.
Volume 1, published in 2012.

I have volume 4 sitting in a To Be Read stack. I just ordered volume 3. I’m disappointed volumes 1 and 2 are no longer available.

I love The Rabbit Room website because I can read their information plus listen to music on The Rabbit Room playlist via Spotlight.
The Rabbit Room has a podcast.
The Rabbit Room has an online bookstore. The books available are children’s, Christian nonfiction (including devotional type), fantasy fiction, and classic literature.

A book I reviewed recently was published by (and I purchased from) The Rabbit Room Press/Store. This book is The Door on Half-Bald Hill by Helena Sorensen.

I do not review for them specifically. I happened to come across information about The Door on Half-Bald Hill on one of the pages I follow on Facebook. I have purchased all their books from The Rabbit Room Store and have chosen to review.
After placing orders from them, I’ve been pleased with their prompt service.

My Thoughts:
Several reasons why I love this volume and gave an excellent rating.
~I read the volume in ONE sitting-cover to cover.
~It’s a good mix of different writings that can please any type of reader.
~Pen and ink illustrations.
~Some of my favorites is a chapter on Vincent van Gogh. Another chapter is on the Country Music singer, George Jones. All of the poems, especially those by George MacDonald, Helena Sorensen, Chris Yokel, A. S. Petersen, Adam Whipple, Dawn Morrow, and G. K. Chesterton (actually that’s all the poetry contributors). The graphic illustrations from John Hendrix.

A great benefit of a volume of various types of writings is there is something for every type of reader.


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