(Review) NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised Edition from Zondervan Publishers

Publisher and Publication Date: Zondervan. September 15, 2020.
Genre: Bible. Study Bible.
Pages: 2512.
Source: I received a complimentary hard cover copy of the NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised edition from Zondervan. And, I am a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. I was not required to write a positive review.
Audience: Christian readers.
Rating: Excellent. Bravo!

Kenneth L. Barker (Editor), Mark L. Strauss (Editor), Jeannine K. Brown (Editor), Craig L Blomberg (Editor), Michael Williams (Editor). Links are to the Goodreads author pages.

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About Zondervan:
Zondervan (@Zondervan) is a world leading Bible publisher and provider of Christian communications. Zondervan, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., delivers transformational Christian experiences through its bestselling Bibles, books, curriculum, academic resources, and digital products. The company’s products are sold worldwide and translated into nearly 200 languages. Zondervan offices are located in Grand Rapids, Mich. For additional information, please visit www.zondervan.com.

What’s New in the Fully Revised Edition?

Over the course of nearly four years, the editorial team met for seven one-week sessions poring over every note, every article, every chart, and every essay. Their aim was to evaluate and refine every aspect of this study Bible.

  • Thousands of new or updated notes based on historical discoveries, cultural findings, and thematic insights
  • Over 100 new articles
  • Fresh, modern design
  • NIV Comfort Print® typeface

About Comfort Print®
Zondervan Bibles teamed up with 2K/Denmark, the world’s foremost Bible typeface foundry, to create exclusive Comfort Print® Bible fonts. NIV Comfort Print Bibles are easy to read at any size because the typeface was designed to be both efficient and readable. Zondervan Bibles believes that the beauty of the message should be reflected in the physical form of the book. Choosing the right typeface is one significant element in creating beautiful Bibles. To learn more about Comfort Print® fonts, visit www.ComfortPrintBibles.com.

  • A complete text of the accurate, highly readable New International Version (NIV).
  • A 3 page full color section on the “Ancient Texts Relating To The Old Testament.”
  • An “Old Testament Chronology” timeline.
  • A “New Testament Chronology” timeline.
  • A 7 page “The Time Between the Testaments” section.
  • A 2 page section on “The Synoptic Gospels.”
  • Over 21,000 bottom-of-the-page study notes, with icons to make important information easy to spot.
  • The icons or symbols are used for some materials in the study notes. For example an orange symbol of a male/female face directs the eye to learning about that person or people group.
  • Over 125 topical articles and a 36 page subject note index.
  • The 147 page concordance was arranged and edited by John R. Kohlenberger III.
  • Sixty-six book introductions and outlines along with six section introductions provide valuable background information for each book of the Bible.
  • In-text maps, plus 14 full-color maps (located at the end), charts, diagrams, and color illustrations to visually clarify the stories in the Bible.
  • Different colors are assigned for the sections of the Bible. For example, the historical books of the Old Testament are assigned a medium blue color, and each Bible book in this section and the headings are in this color located at the top of the pages. However, the text of the Scripture is in bold black.
  • Double-column layout of the Scripture.
  • Words of Christ Jesus in red.
  • Bold black ink print.
  • Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface.
  • 9-point print size (standard size), 10.5-point print size (large print), 7.5-point print size (personal size).

My Thoughts:
I am impressed with this Bible for several reasons which I’ll list below!

The NIV is the choice of Bible text for BSF. I am a class member of BSF, and I’ve been a member for over 20 years. I have stepped out of leadership for this BSF year. I just completed 5 years of leadership working with children.
I’m happy to see Dr. Mark L. Strauss in the teaching videos BSF creates.
The study this BSF year is Genesis. I’ve included in this review a short teaching video by Dr. Mark L. Strauss.

What I love about the Fully Revised Edition of the NIV Study Bible:
~It is visually stimulating with the full-color maps, illustrations, text, and other supplemental material.
~The bold black print is in a type-font style, size, and boldness I can easily read. The Bible I reviewed is 7.5 print size but it’s easy to read in bold print.
~Since I’m studying Genesis now, I am enjoying the extra study helps about the “Meaning of the Divine Name Yahweh,” “Suitable Helper,” and the two articles about the flood.
~I love cross-reference verses and this is located in the center of each Bible page. The Bible is a double-column layout. The reference verses are located in the center of each column.
~I love the colors assigned to each section of the Bible. For those of you who as a kid in Sunday school took part in Bible drills, the color-coded sections certainly help.
~The pages are a matte finish and have a course texture making the pages easy to turn.

I’d love it if the NIV Fully Revised Study Bible had at least 1 ribbon marker. This is a small negative for me and not a draw-back for the Bible itself.
I’m not a fan of red-letter Bibles. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t need it.

How does this Study Bible compare with other Bibles I own:
Recently I bought the new ESV Women’s Study Bible. This Bible is published by Crossway. I love this Bible for its translation, female contributors for the supplemental material, beautiful gold calligraphy of certain Scriptures (located throughout), glossary, concordance, and a teal ribbon marker. However, the print is light. It’s pretty. But hard to read unless I’m in good light.
A 2nd Bible I bought recently is the CSB She Reads Truth Bible. I have the champagne leather like cover. I also love the CSB translation. I love the bold print type-font size and style. I love the single-column style. I love the access of a ribbon marker (same color as the Bible). I love having plenty of room on the Bible pages to write. The Bible is not a study Bible. This means there isn’t full notes or a concordance, and the maps are minimal.

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