(Review) Under Violent Skies by Judi Daykin

Publisher and Publication Date: Joffe Books. September 24, 2020.
Genre: Contemporary fiction. Crime. Detective. Mystery.
Pages: 281.
Source: eBook Kindle. Kindle Unlimited copy.
Audience: Readers of crime, detective, mystery stories.
Rating: Okay.

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England. Current/modern time period.
Sara is a cop and is assigned to work in a new area. She’s gotten a promotion. She is bi-racial. Her mother has never wanted to discuss Sara’s father. It’s a topic that causes heated discussion.
Sara’s first case is a murdered male found in a ditch.
Not only is Sara busy solving the case, but dealing with racial prejudice on the job.
She is also set on finding out more information about her father.
Meanwhile, there are 2 young women who live with a group of contracted farm workers. It is apparent they are hostage to the men. The women have certain jobs they do to take care of the men’s needs.

My Thoughts:
I don’t feel an attachment to Sara. I think this story has a very good storyline and plot. I like the character Sara. But, I don’t feel she is revealed to me in a deep level that makes me feel an attachment to her and an investment in the story. It might help if I knew her thoughts, fears, and insecurities. It might help if I saw her failures. [I saw glimpses of these elements and themes.]

The story is tight. I’m using the word tight to describe a tight story that makes for a quick read but not sweeps me away.

The tie-in with Sara and her father is predictable.

I did feel an investment in the outcome of the 2 women being held against their will. I wonder how the story would go if these 2 women were the focus of the story and not Sara?

What I love best about the story is its possibilities.


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