Quote of the Week

“Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.”
By Robert Caspar Lintner.

I have had this quote in a little journal I keep for quotes and poems for a while.

When I think about Thanksgiving, I don’t think about the Pilgrims. I don’t think about the history of that period at all. Instead, I think about the things I am personally thankful. I also think about all the times in the past when not all my family was present to celebrate the day together. One of my children was in another part of the world and fighting in a war. I think about those loved ones who are no longer on this earth, and I only have the memories of Thanksgivings when we were together.
Thanksgiving and all holidays can be a sad time because of serious health problems, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a marriage, the loss of a job, and the constant battles in this life that weigh down a soul.
I’m sorry for the readers of this post who are in a serious battle in life, or they are at a crossroads in life and don’t know the direction to take. I’m praying you will have strength for whatever journey you are on and for the journey you will take.

Thankful list:

1. A comfortable, cozy, and warm bed to sleep in at night.
2. A good stock of teas and books.
3. A husband who works hard at his job.
4. Friends who are like family.
5. Parents who loved me and still do.
6. Children and grandchildren who are in a good place (physically and mentally.)
7. A church home that is like family.
8. Time spent with the grandkids. For example, coloring with three-year-old Charlotte while watching cartoons.
9. A recent good report for my best friend, Kerri, who has stage-four metastatic breast cancer.
10. Despite the bad in this world, there are still people who are kind and compassionate.
11. Warm fuzzy house shoes because I don’t like cold feet.
12. Birds that are so tiny but are enjoyable and relaxing to watch.
13. A huge assortment of lip balms and lotions for dry skin.
14. The changing of the seasons.
15. A quiet home.
16. A place in my home where I can just do what I want. I can read or do art or I can sit and think.
17. Laughter. I cannot imagine living in a world where people do not laugh. And, I enjoy hearing different ages of people laughing. A child who laughs always puts a big smile on my face. I have noticed that laughter is unique with people: the sounds and types of laughter.
18. My parents who modeled strong life skills. They didn’t just preach it. They lived it out in their daily lives.
19. Excellent Tex-Mex food at a favorite restaurant. A savory bowl of charro beans is simple but important.
20. The ability to read and read well.

Charlotte coloring. She can color for hours with good concentration.

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