The Sunday Salon

What was your week like?


Monday the 27th was my husband’s 59th birthday. He worked that day. I cooked him a T-bone steak dinner. I baked a cake.

The oldest granddaughter, Celeste (18), and her parents went to freshman orientation at the college she will attend this fall. It was a three-day event, Monday to Wednesday. During that trip, Celeste finished a 2nd round of antibiotics for a kidney infection. They came home Wednesday night. Thursday morning symptoms of the kidney infection returned. She went back to the ER with severe symptoms. She was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. The 4th IV antibiotic used is the one that is helping. We have spent a couple of anxious days concerned about her. The CT scan on her abdomen looks good. She will stay in the hospital through late tomorrow or Monday. She will go home if her urine continues to remain clear.

Celeste went swimming about 3 weeks ago with friends in a mineral pool in the Austin, TX area. She contracted a bad bacteria called, Klebsiella pneumonia. It is difficult to fight.

The following is a graduation picture of her.

Her major in college will be English, Journalism.


The rest of the family is great.

The high temperatures are terrible. I try and not go outside in the afternoon. It is unbearable. I’ve lived in Texas all my life and summers are the worst. Usually, the bad temperatures are after July 4 and will end soon after Labor Day. This summer, the high temperatures started before it was actually summer on the calendar.

In the past week, I watched both the movie The Doors with Val Kilmer, made in 1991, and I watched the documentary about The Doors: The Story of the Doors, made in 2015. Both films on Amazon Prime.
I tried to watch Marry Me with Jennifer Lopez, but it is not a movie for me. Possibly later I will try and watch again. No particular reason I did not want to finish the movie. It did not interest me.

What did I think about films on The Doors? Interesting. Jim Morrison was a poet and had a great singing voice. The drugs and alcohol took over his life. The falling on the stage, falling into the crowd, and other antics only came across to me as distractions and destructive behavior. He left a legacy of his words and his voice in the music.

What am currently reading?

The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo.
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, with reflections by Karen Swallow Prior.
The Light Attendant by Wendy Fehr.

Hope your week is wonderful!


16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon

  1. It’s actually cool here in So Cal for July 4th weekend – 85. We are usually over 100.

    Praying for your grandauther to completely recover from this infection.

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  2. Coincidence: my post for later today also mentions Jim Morrison. It will feature a picture of his very famous grave in Paris. You make me tempted to watch the movie.

    best… mae at

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  3. Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your granddaughter. What an ordeal she has been through. I hope this antibiotic is effective and she is able to go home soon.

    It has been an especially hot summer here in Texas.

    Kate DiCamillo is one of my favorite authors. I read everything she writes.

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