My name is Annette. I began writing book reviews in 2007. I maintained two blogs at Blogger for 10 years. For a while, I had 3 blogs at Blogger. Writing book reviews has been an enjoyable way to journal about the books I have read. Blogging and writing reviews has been, and still is, a work in progress. Even after 10 years, I still have difficulty writing some book reviews. I make grammar and spelling mistakes. I do not have a background in literature or composition. I did not finish college. But I have a lifelong love of reading. The first book I read that hooked and drew me in was Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell.

I read an average of 100 books in a year.

This is a list of the types of books that will be featured on this blog: history, historical fiction, military, Holocaust, memoir, biographies, classic literature, epic poems, mystery, detective, young adult, psychology, travel, adventure, reference, mythology, fantasy fiction, and poetry.

FTC Guidelines:
I am not paid to write book reviews. I do not have an employee/paid relationship with an author, publisher, or publicity company. All reviews are written from my honest opinion. I do not write positive reviews because I received a free book. In all reviews posted, I explain the source of where the complimentary book came from.

WordPress generates advertisements. I am not monetarily compensated for this blog. The cookie banner is automatic.

I do not store emails for those who sign up to receive emails every time I post a review. WordPress is the holder of emails. If you no longer want to receive an email, then you can delete.

Federal Trade Commission

On occasion, a quotation is used from a book in a review. I will state the page number and the author will be credited. If the author does not want the quote in the review, please contact me and I will remove it.
If you are an author, publicist, or publisher and want to contact me about a book review?
Thank you!