(Review) My Girls: A Lifetime With Carrie and Debbie by Todd Fisher


Publisher and Publication Date: William Morrow. 2018.
Genre: Biography. Hollywood history.
Pages: 400. eBook.
Source: Library.
Audience: Biography readers, especially those who love to read about celebrities.
Rating: Excellent.

The Amazon Kindle edition is free.

Todd Fisher, the son of Debbie Reynolds, has written a beautiful and moving tribute to his mother, and sister, Carrie Fisher.
The story begins with the marriage and early years of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Eddie was the father of both Carrie and Todd. The book continues until the deaths of both women.
The story is also a biography of Todd’s life.
My Girls is an excellent biography piece of the family and their work in the entertainment industry. The story is also an intimate account of Carrie’s struggles with bipolar and addictions.
The book includes 32 photographs. Most of them are family photos. Many of them in color.

My Thoughts:
I read the book in just a few days. I love everything about Todd’s biography tribute to his “girls.”

My favorite points:
•The close bond shared by the three is shown throughout the book. Even during periods when they disagreed or when Carrie was having a difficult time and withdrew, the three of them picked back up the relationship quickly. They didn’t have unforgiveness or bitterness. They worked hard to support one another even if one of them made a choice the others didn’t like. The emphasis was the deep love shared.
•Todd’s writing style is transparent and easy going. I feel he gives an intimate view of his sister and mother. What I’m trying to say is the people they were, not just the celebrity people.
•Interesting background stories. Parties that his mother gave in their childhood home revealed other stories. For example, Groucho Marx. He was a popular guest at parties. People were drawn to him because of his entertaining personality. And, a fight between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor was intense.
•Todd shares about the lives of his family and friends, but I don’t think it was done in a tell-all kind of piece. He shares their stories, of course from his view point, but he is forgiving and doesn’t hold a bitter attitude.
•Debbie had three hard marriages, each worse than the other. This was difficult to read. I don’t understand people who have an aim of using others and wrecking their lives. I’m glad Todd gave this aspect of his mother’s life, because it showed me that despite these hard life experiences it didn’t change the wonderful person she was.


2 thoughts on “(Review) My Girls: A Lifetime With Carrie and Debbie by Todd Fisher

  1. I remember reading this book. While I agree it was well written and interesting, I was so disturbed. The twisted world of Hollywood this book presents is disgusting. Like Debbie Reynolds hiring a prostitute for her son, or letting Carrie live with her boyfriend when she was like sixteen. Such a disturbing life. But Todd is definitely an excellent writer.


    • Actually, there is a story that Todd at age 14 answered the door to a manicurist that “serviced” his step dad when Debbie was out of town working. Todd ended up being the one “serviced” by the woman. Todd didn’t have knowledge of what exactly that woman did for his step dad. Todd was curious but didn’t have full knowledge. He was the one who convinced this woman it was okay. Todd didn’t tell the step dad nor Debbie what happened.
      It was Todd who had an older woman live with him starting at age 16 or 17. This woman was about 27 or 28. Both of their parents gave consent. This was his first dating relationship, which led to living together. They lived together for a while. My first thought was about the girlfriend. Why would she want to be in a romantic relationship with a guy who was still just a boy? Most women in their late 20s are all about finding their path in life, for example job and career, having a good time, being an independent woman. Unless the woman is married in their late 20s. But to live with a teenage young man. Good grief. In one way, this robbed him of some growing up years, of being a kid, and growing up to the point when he is ready to be in a serious relationship. During this period of Todd’s life Carrie had been in New York working with their mother. Then she was in London.
      Another story from one of the Hollywood parties. I made a small comment about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in the review. They’d had a brawl. Then went in a room where they probably had makeup sex. They came out of the room disheveled. And all of this is at a party at someone else’s home. Wild.
      Thank you so much for commenting. I love it!

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