The Sunday Salon

The Sunday Salon is hosted by Readerbuzz.

What was my week like?

Wyatt aka baby girl or baby sister had surgery Wednesday. She was spayed and microchipped. I am keeping her in the master bedroom with food and water and a small litter box. I have separated her from the other cats as she has a belly incision and there shouldn’t be wrestling, etc. with her brothers. I am giving her an antibiotic and Gabapentin for pain. Today is the last dose for pain medication. This duty has kept me very busy.

This past week, I wrote and posted two book reviews at my other blog, Words of Rejoice. I don’t know if I’ve introduced you to the other blog where I post reviews. These books are Christian nonfiction. On a rare occasion, I read a Christian fiction book and post a review there.

Having these two blogs is how I organize genres. I used to maintain three blogs over at Blogger. I had a third blog for reviews of children and young adult books read.

Thursday, I got a flu shot. I’ve not felt bad, but more tired than usual. So, both Wyatt and I have rested the past few days, watched movies and read books and drank tea.

I’m on season seven of Law-and-Order SVU rerun episodes. I also watched (twice) the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Surprisingly good movie. I’ve also watched several old Sherlock Holmes movies with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce on YouTube. One of them is The House of Fear.

The books I’m reading are A Curious Faith by Lore Ferguson Wilbert, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie-which I’m almost finished.

Enjoy the weekend!


9 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon

  1. That’s so funny about the zombie movie. My son wanted to watch it and I told him no.

    I will need to look up that Sherlock Holmes movie. I’ve probably seen it because my husband has all of those on DVD and we watch them from time to time. Hope you have a good week.

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  2. I got my flu shot last week and a tetanus booster yesterday (hadn’t had one since 2006). I had no idea you had another blog where you read/review Christian nonfiction! I went and visited and followed it. I always have a Christian nonfiction book going with my fiction reads, it just takes me longer to read them. It’s hard enough keeping up with one blog, much less two or three! I do have a second blog that is more for life updates, but it doesn’t get near the attention the book blog does from me, sigh.

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  3. At one point, I thought about separating out blogs by genre or subject, since I mix in reviews of other things. But I decided that was just too much work. So my hat is off to you for maintaining more than one.

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  4. What great soft collar for your cat! Did the vet provide that?? When my cat was spade a million years ago the big plastic cone collar was way too heavy for her little neck so my sister made her one out of a plastic lid that used to come with certain microwave meals. I like your kitty’s plushie one even better!

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  5. Such a cute cat, looks like my Jaspurr! My dog was microchipped and spayed but my 2 cats aren’t. They will not go outside EVER. If they are even in the same room with an outside door and someone opens it, they run for a hiding place. They are litteraly terrified of the outdoors, but they love to sit in a windowsil and look outside. I think it stems from when they were kittens and were taken outside to go to the vet. Now it takes us sometimes over an hour to get them in a cat carrier, poor scaredy cats 😦

    I’ll check out Words of Rejoice.

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